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Create the GOPATH Environment Variable in Windows

Create or verify your GOPATH environmental variable in Windows OS, this important after installing Go on your system. The process involves verifying the location of the go folder, the path and also the bin folder inside the go folder. The three main folders that needs to reside in the Go folder includes the bin, pkg,...


How to Download and Install Golang

Go can be installed on most popular operating systems, you can download go binary on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and macOS. Each of these operating systems has it own download files, meaning you cannot use the windows download file on Linux and vice versa. Then there is the Stable versions, Unstable versions and the...

Getting Started

Why Learn Golang & What is Golang Used for

Most people know go for its concurrency, however, it is not the only programming language with this feature. It has common attributes with many programming languages especially with C. The strength of go is quite unique and subtle as well, it also has its own downside just like any programming language. Why...


Learn Golang – A Beginners Course

History of Go – Go is a very friendly programming language, it has also maintained a good level of consistency since it was first introduced. A brief background history: Three Individuals are credited for the birthing of the Go Language also known as golang. In the year 2007, Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken...


Golang Tutorials

Go is a good programming language for first-time programmers, it is easy to read and learn. It is designed to get rid of some of the flaws in other programming languages. It is popular for its concurrency and binary modules.

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