How to Learn Golang – A Study Guide

How to Learn Golang – A Study Guide

This guide will help you learn golang faster and practice writing go codes effectively, while it contains important topics and tips. Golang is a very easy language to learn, its also a general programming language that can be used to build almost any software. If time, resources, and performance is a major concern for you, then, golang is the program that will deliver on these factors.

  1. Understand the history of Go.
  2. Know the advantages and disadvantages of go
  3. Start with Hello World
  4. Understanding Package, Import, and Functions
  5. Variables
  6. Constants
  7. Types
  8. Strings
  9. Loops – For, If, Else, Differ, and Switch
  10. Pointers
  11. Structs
  12. Arrays
  13. Slices
  14. Maps
  15. Range
  16. Variadic Functions
  17. Methods
  18. Receivers
  19. Regular Expressions
  20. Interface
  21. Stringers
  22. Goroutines
  23. Channels
  24. Select
  25. Pipelines
  26. Time in Go
  27. Testing Go Code
  28. Naming convention in Go
  29. Third Party Package
  30. net/http – Http servers and clients
  31. sync.Mutex
  32. Data Structures and Algorithms
  33. Polymorphism
  34. Error Handling
  35. Panic and Recover
  36. Reflections
  37. Reading and Writing Files
  38. Debugging
  39. JSON
  40. Deploying Go Code to the Server
  41. Network Programming with Go
  42. Build an Http Server
  43. Build a chat server
  44. Design and Build a Web Scrapper
  45. Build a Web Application

However, learning these topics will help you understand and learn go better, also constant practice is the key to learning. Learn to build something with what you have learned, because, this is also the best way to solidify what you have learned. Let the list of topic serve as your guide to learning the go programming language.

There are YouTube Videos of talks and tutorials on golang, and also blog posts on solutions to some challenges you may face with Golang. Secondly, check out the resources page for more information and links for learning go.

What Go Programming Language is Good for.

  1. Web Application – Framework, Desktop, and Server
  2. Mobile Application
  3. Statistics and Finance Application
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Emulators
  6. Messaging – Email Clients
  7. Network Server
  8. Game Development
  9. Compilers
  10. Database Drivers
  11. Also included, are Scripts – Web Scrappers, Macros, Chat Application, Images & Video Streaming, Audio & Music, Social Media of any Scale, Internet of Things, Natural Language Processing, Bots, and many more,

In addition, the use case scenario for golang also includes creating middleware, authentication, and tokens. There is more to golang than this small list represent, in other words, the aim is to show you the potentials of go.

Resources for Learning Go

If you are new to programming, you will need between 4 – 6 months of constant practice to horn your skills. For instance, 5 hours of practice daily will go a long way in boosting your ability. Read books on Go, they provide clarity. Watch videos on YouTube they are helpful, also read presentation stacks they are awesome.

In conclusion, find the details and links to useful resources available for golang in the resource section above. This contains videos, books, slides, blog posts, tutorials, and code samples, it is also worth checking out, finally, editors recommendation will also be available in the tutorial posts and also the resources page.

Visit Golang Resources

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